Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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AT A GLANCE: METRO - Snook and squid reports continue pretty much all along the Metro coast & there are some big Noahs chasing the snook schools, so keep an eye out! Blueys from Largs to Light Beach & yellowfin whitings at Tennyson, Semaphore & St Kilda channel. YORKE PEN - kg whiting, gar & squid @ West Light. Snappers @ Corny Point/Marion Bay. KG whiting @ Rocky Gully. WEST COAST - Big snook @ Haslam, gar & squid @ Ceduna/Streaky Bay, Kingies in Coffin Bay, gar & kg whiting @ Cowell. Blueys @ Whyalla.


METRO WATERS FRIDAYS 10.30am! Here's the Podcast link to my weekly ABC Adelaide radio fishing segment: - every Friday straight after 10.30am - sms 0467922891 or freecall 1300222891. Snook & garfish have schooled around Brighton & south towards Marino, Seacliff & Hallet Cover in this past week. Blue crabs are in waters up to 10 metres out from Port Praham, Wonga Shoal, Port Gawler, St Kilda & North Haven, but many are females & if they are carrying berries (eggs), please put them back immediately. Tommies & squid can be caught from the jetties at Brighton, Grange & Semaphore on a late afternoon high tide. If you are chasing kg whiting, then there are still size fish up to 36cm along various sections of the coast, with positive reports in from Hallett Cove, West Beach, Grange & the Black Pole/Goanna grounds at the northern end of things. Garfish, squid & tommies can be caught at Seacliff, Tennyson & in the sheltered waters just south of the North Haven boat-ramp, while shore-based anglers (The Crusty Old Bastards) caught yellowfin whiting and salmon trouts from the beach at Tennyson & Seacliff. Yellowfin whiting can also be found at Port Prime & Light Beach. I have had only the occasional reports on snapper with a few fish caught at the main shipping channel at the Port - boat crews fishing The Pipes at O'Sullivan's Beach had some break-offs during the week, but no fish actually in their boats! Most snapper reports have come from further south at Seaford & Myponga, with boat crews catching the occasional fish up around the 60cm mark, again at first light or very late evenings before dusk. Bream & salmon trouts are providing good active fishing at The Pat, in the Port River & also at the Onkaparinga River mouth. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Blueys & gar at Ardrossan, with small mulloway & squid at the jetty. KG whiting at Stansbury & Coobowie/Port Giles. Squid & snapper from Marion Bay & Corny Point. Check out full Yorke Peninsula details from my column in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times ( each & every week! Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Decent catches of garfish, tommies & mullet have come from in-shore drops at Nora Creina Bay, Little Dip, Robe & Kingston which is looking great for the school holidays! Flathead, kg whiting & salmon trout can be caught at the Robe Salmon Hole, the south eastern corner of the Robe Surfers Beach while the off-shore reefs have sweep, rugger snapper, trevalley & early season rock lobsters (aka crayfish). Please remember that PIRSA Fisheries & Aquaculture have clear & set recreational fishing rules for crays, inc. gear registration/permits & handling/size & bag limits. Further south the beaches at Beachport & Canundra have salmon to 2 kilos, while boat crews fishing Livingstones & Port Mac have done well in recent days on garfish, tommies & squid. The Upper South East coast jetties at Kingston, Robe & Beachport have squid, tommies, gar & mullet. Shore-based fishing at Salt Creek, 32 Mile & The Granites has salmon, mulloway & plenty of kelp seaweed, so finding a surf gutter that is clear provides much better fishing! Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST You can read my weekly fishing report in the local Victor Harbor Times (! 1. Goolwa: The fine, sunny days have been good for anglers catching mullet at the river mouth, Sugars and Bashams beaches. Salmon trout are also in the river mouth and the Mundoo channel. I had an unconfirmed report of night-time mulloway in the Goolwa channel right up to the Tauwitchere Barrage. 2. Victor Harbor: snook, squid and tommy ruffs were the main reports last week from The Bluff and Encounter Bay. The odd kg whiting came from Wilkies, while snapper remained on the quiet side. 3. Waitpinga/Parson beaches: salmon trout up to just under a kilo are schooling in reasonable numbers right along this section of the South Coast, but several schools are a fair way off-shore and outside the casting distance of most anglers. Patience and a return visit over coming days should be fruitful. 4. Cape Jervis/Rapid Bay: snapper, trevalley, squid and snook were caught by boats fishing Backstairs Passage and Rapid Head. Flathead and salmon trout are at Morgan's beach, while both jetties have squid and tommies. 5. Wirrina/Second Valley: squid and garfish are in decent numbers from Wirrina, Second Valley and Normanville, as both boat and jetty fishers alike enjoyed the fishing over the weekend. A few snapper and kg whiting were also caught from Myponga and Lady Bay. Tight Lines!

WEST COAST Some really decent sized blue crabs have been caught from Port Germein (jetty & boat) & off the shacks down towards Blanche Harbour on the western side of the Gulf. Snapper are on the northern end of the Point Lowly rip & there are scattered pods of kg whiting running towards Weeroona Bay (pse respect the Marine Park fishing rules in this area). KG whiting can also be caught from the shore on the high tide where those rocky outcrops meet the sea north of Blanch Harbour. Whyalla has snapper, blueys & garfish, while reports of kingfish from Pt Augusta have dropped back in recent days. Cowell has flathead, snook in the false entrance to Franklin Harbour, garfish, squid & tommies from the jetty - offshore drops have kg whiting, squid & blue crabs. Arno Bay & Port Neill have snapper, sweep & trevalley at The Spilsby Islands & south at Williams Island. KG whiting & squid have been the main reports from Coffin Bay & Pt Lincoln for boats, while local jetties have a mix of squid, tommies, garfish & salmon trouts. Bigger salmon are still in the surf at Talia, Greenly & Sheringa beaches, while gar & squid have been caught from the main Venus Bay jetty. Snapper, red nannys & squid can be caught from Streaky Bay, the Dashwood channel & out from Bosanquet Bay. Ceduna has blueys & gar, while mulloway & salmon around the 1-2 kilo mark have been landed at the Dog Fence beach & Point Sinclair. Tight Lines!