Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE! METRO: Small snapper, flathead, garfish & blueys from St Kilda, Nth Haven down to West Beach. Gar & squid at Seacliff & Brighton. Salmon trout are schooling around Port River mouth/channel. YORKE PEN: KG whiting from Port Vic & Corny Point. Gar, snook & tommies at Point Turton. Blueys at Port Vincent. Snapper at Wallaroo & Port Davis grounds. FLEURIEU PEN: Squid & gar from Rapid Bay & Wirrina. School mulloway at Tauwitcherie Barrage, salmon at Goolwa Barrage. Gar, squid & snapper from Victor Harbor. WEST COAST: Salmon from Dog Fence & Fowler's Bay beaches, kingfish from Longnose Point (Coffin Bay). Gar & nice ruffs from Streaky Bay, KG whiting & squid from Pt Lincoln & Louth Bay. SOUTH EAST: Salmon & mullet from Stinky Beach, Beachport & South End. Tuna & albacore offshore at Port Mac. KG whiting, gar & squid from Kingston.


METRO WATERS OUT NOW!! MY LATEST GPS MARKS OF SA BOOK!! Just $14-95 click on link or go to the Shop Page! Medium sized, but legal snapper can be caught in close to shore after dusk at Brighton, Hallett Cove & St Kilda. KG whiting catches have slowed with only a few fish coming in from Sellicks/Moana, then more locally at Brighton & West Beach. I did receive an unconfirmed report of mulloway & small kingfish in the Port River, along with salmon trout & a few bream. Brighton & West Beach have gar, small squid & tommies in the broken grounds about 2-3 kms offshore & the gar run steadily right through to Sejmaphore & Largs Bay. Blue crabs can be caught from St Kilda, Outer Harbour & Nth Haven. Further south there are small flathead, rugger snapper & a few KG whiting & some big ruffas at Port Stanvac & Moana through to Aldinga Beach. Snook are prevalent around Hallett Cove & Seacliff, along with gar, squid & tommies. Several schools of salmon have found their way into Metro waters in recent weeks, with large numbers of fish circulating around 5kms offshore. They are particularly close to the surface on our bright, Summer sunny days, so make sure you keep a few lures and a flexible rod handy if you venture out! Large squid are harder to find with many of these species still at their annual breeding grounds off Wirrina & Carrackalinga etc.I would set a bait/lure approx 1.5 metres belwo a 'spinning top' float line when fishing for blueys, whiting, gar etc. A hot tip here is to make sure the lure moves about in the tide to attract the squid's attention! Jetty anglers can find nice tommies, squid & snook at Brighton, with Grange & Semaphore holding a few blueys in the late afternoons. Port Noarlunga jetty has squid & salmon trout.Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST/FLEURIEU PENINSULA Goolwa: there are medium sized school mulloway in the Coorong and at Sugars beach and the Goolwa Barrage after dark. Mullet and salmon trout are at the river mouth and Goolwa Beach. For fresh water anglers there is a mix of reports, namely yabbies, callop and redfin perch being the choice catches of the day. The Murray Cod season closure still applies until Jan 1, 2019 in SA. Victor Harbor: mid-week last week had a day or two that allowed a few boats offshore to catch sweep, dusky morwong, flathead and red nannygai. The Bluff has squid and tommies, while garfish are becoming more plentiful out from Encounter Bay as the summer season continues. Off-shore tuna reports should start coming in recent days as these fish are already off southern Kangaroo Island. Cape Jervis: red nannys, sweep and a few KG whiting have been the main reports for boat crews, while jetty fishing at Rapid Bay has squid, small trevalley, ruffs and garfish all taking bits. Shore-based fishing at Waits and Parsons has been hit and miss with the odd salmon trout and mullet up for grabs. Wirrina: garfish, squid and small tommies are at Lady Bay, Normanville and off Wirrina. KG whiting catches have slowed, but there are still some nice fish off Carrackalinga and Myponga. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Salmon of various sizes can be caught from the shore as far south as Canundra (Millicent) & on to the mouth of the Glenelg river. Big boats are chasing tuna & albacore, but with only average results in the last few days. Snapper, KG whiting & sweep are in the deeper water drops off Port Mac, Cape Northumberland & Carpenter's Rocks. The rock lobster season is in full swing (you need a permit & registered gear - please check with with some decent catches coming from Beachport & Robe. Kingston has stand-out fishing for KG whiting when you are able to launch your boat, plus flathead, sweep & garfish. South East jetties all have a mix of gar, mullet, squid & tommy ruffs, but a steady trickle of berley is important to keep the fish interested. Gar & big mullet are at Poorman's beach & salmon can be caught from the rocks at Little Dip. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Fishing news: changes have been announced to the snapper spatial closures with a new area at Tapley Shoals (Edithburgh) being added until midday Mar 31, 2019. The GPS mark is 137 56.200E x 35 06.100S. Please check for further details. Port Broughton: Garfish and blueys have been caught in Fisherman's Bay, while off-shore boats finally nabbed snapper, squid, gar and blue crabs. Jetty fishing has a few small blue crabs. Wallaroo: Well, I saw this with my own eyes - snapper schooling inside the Marina last Wednesday when working on a boat moored there. Row A! Further off-shore there are snapper, garfish and blue crabs. Snook and gar are up off Point Riley and Tickera. Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: The Tippara Lighthouse grounds have some nice garfish, squid and tommy ruffs (Australian herring). Snook and gar are at both jetties and in Moonta Bay. Salmon have been caught at Cape Elizabeth. Point Turton: Port Rickaby has a few King George whiting, garfish, squid and tommies. Point Turton and The Poines have gar and squid, while boats (when they can get off-shore) are catching medium snapper and snook. Marion Bay/Stenhouse Bay: Try both jetties for squid and garfish, especially early mornings before the southerly breeze hits in. Boats are reporting big squid, red nannys and flathead at Foul Bay. Local shore-based fishing has salmon trout and mullet. Edithburgh/Stansbury: Yellowfin whiting catches continue with Sultana Passage, Coobowie and Port Julia being good locations. Blueys and gar have been caught at Stansbury jetty, while for boats there is a mix of fish, inc. gar, snook, squid and tommies. Ardrossan: Blue crabs can be raked north of Pine Point with crews doing well on the outgoing tide at Rogues Point in particular. Boat crews are reporting garfish, squid, blueys and small to medium snapper. Tight Lines!

JANUARY SEAFOOD RECIPE ARNO BAY BAKED WHOLE MULLET WITH BACON & HERBS. Ingredients: 6 whole mullets - cleaned & scaled, 3 rashes finely chopped bacon, 1 cup breadcrumbs, herbs of nutmeg, parsley, lemon zest, paprika, salt and pepper, chives, chilli flakes, olive/caratino oil, 1 egg and scoop butter. Preparation: Mix up a stuffing of chopped bacon, herbs, breadcrumbs, splash of oil & part of egg to bind, making sure the mix is not too wet. Set oven to 180C. Diagonally score fish with cuts & rub in a decent smear of the oil. Pack fish cavities with stuffing, lay fish on to a baking tray and cook for 20mins. Plate fish and serve with lemon wedges and a glass of late-picked Riesling. Tip - have oven set at 180C before you put baking tray in to cook fish. Bon Appetit!

EYRE PENINSULA + SPENCER GULF The new, additional snapper spatial closure out from Point Lowly has been announced - GPS marks 137 48.300E x 31 01.000S. This area is closed to snapper fishing until midday Dec 15, 2019 - check for full details. Garfish & blueys (plus, of course our dreaded, infamous trumpeter de shite) are now coming into the top of the gulf & can be caught from Cowled's Landing, Black Point & Blanche Harbour. KG whiting, squid, red mullet & garfish have all been caught from Streaky Bay around Haslam & further north at the Eastern end of Dashwood Channel. Mullet & yellowfin whiting are at Port Neill, Louth Bay & Germein Point. KG whiting, flathead, gar & tommies can be caught from Smoky Bay, while the jetty here & at Streaky Bay have tommies, squid & garfish. Off-shore islands have sweep, the odd tuna, red nannys & medium snapper to 5 kilos. Olive Island & the Western end of Dashwood Channel are producing trevalley & big KG whiting respectively. Inside Longnose Point & Coffin Bay boat crews are catching kingfish, tommies, squid, snook & garfish. Nadia Landing & Davenport Creek have yellowfin whiting, snook & mullet, while Far West Coast beaches have snook, big tommies (especially at Fowler's Bay jetty), strongies, mulloway & salmon up to 4 kilos! Claire Bay also has some good blue crabs, salmon & mullet catches at the moment. Kingfish are running across the Gulf towards Pt Pirie & then on to the Steamer Channel out from Pt Hughes, with many fish in that nice 4-5 kilo range. KG whiting catches are improving off Port Neill & Louth Bay, with fish around the 33cm mark common, with the Spilsby Islands group the best location. Good fish are also in Proper Bay & off Reevesby Island. Kingfish, red nannys & trevalley have been caught by Charter Boat crews at the back of Williams Island. The grounds at Baird's Bay & Acraman Creek have mullet & yellowfin whiting in-shore & kg whiting, garfish & tommies. Far West Coast anglers have caught some nice mulloway from Fowler's Bay & The Dog Fence beach, while Point Sinclair holds strongies, sweep, leather jackets & big ruffs. Tight Lines!