Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots




  1. METRO: KG whiting at St Kilda, Grange & Largs., tommy ruffs at St Kilda & Pt Noarlunga., mulloway from West Lakes & Barker Inlet., squid at Pt Noarlunga, Marino & Nth Haven.
  2. FLEURIEU/RIVERLAND/FRESHWATER: Tommies & squid at Victor & Rapid Bay., whiting & garfish from Wirrina., redfin & callop at Berri & Swan Reach., callop in Happy Valley Res.
  3. YORKE PEN: KG whiting from Wallaroo, Point Turton & Edithburgh., squid at Pt Hughes & Port Vic.
  4. SOUTH EAST/COORONG: Tommies & squid from Livingstones, Beachport & Kingston., salmon trout from Little Dip & Long Beach (Robe)., Mulloway from Salt Creek.
  5. SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST: KG whiting at Streaky & Smoky Bays., salmon from Claire & Fowlers Bays., snook & KG whiting from Cowell & Port Neill.
  6. KANGAROO ISLAND: KG whiting, squid & tommies from American River & Emu Bay. Whiting & squid at Kingscote.

JUNE 27-30, 2022

STORIES OF US - AUSTRALIAN MILITARY HISTORY THIS WEEK In one of our proud Nation's lesser known conflicts, the last week of June marks the anniversary of the Malayan Insurgency, when in 1956 the brave young men from 3rd Battalion RAR attacked & rounded up a bunch of commies at Sungei Siput, Malaya. Trooper Trevor Carpenter 3RAR - I still miss you mate & I reckon that bloody tuna was lucky to go 5 kilos, let alone the 50 you claimed. LEST WE FORGET.

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METRO WATERS Boat crews should hit the grounds from Monday at St Kilda, Nth Haven, Glenelg, Brighton, Grange, West Beach & Goannas for KG whiting to 38cm, flathead, tommies & squid as the water starts to clear. Marino & Seacliff have squid & some Winter garfish. Pt Noarlunga, Christies Beach, Hallett Cove, Brighton & Marino shorelines have salmon trout & mullet before the blow for both boat & jetty anglers, with flathead & tommy ruffs also in the mix along local shorelines. Blue crabs are pretty much finished for this season, but that didn't stop a couple of keen rakers working the cold ez shallows at Light, Pt Gawler & Middle beaches (again!) in recent days. KG whiting are off the back of Long Spit & the Gus Shoals.

FLEURIEU/UPPER COORONG/RIVERLAND/FRESHWATER 1. Salt Creek and the 32 Mile Crossing fired up last week with 1 kilo salmon making a very welcome return to the fishing action. Several legal mulloway are also at Salt Creek, while further north the Mundoo Channel has salmon trout and there are occasional fish from local beaches on Hindmarsh Island. The Meningie Lakes have mullet, while upstream boat crews are catching nice callop from Swan Reach, Blanchetown and Morgan. 2. Victor Harbor: try the ledges off the back of Encounter Bay for snapper (strict rules apply - pse check PIRSA website), KG whiting and sweep. The Bluff jetty has tommies at night and Chiton Rocks has salmon trout from the shore. Tuna catches have slowed considerably, but there were a couple of small ones caught during the week off Tunk Head. 3. Parson's/Waitpinga: the gutters at Waitpinga beach hold salmon trout up to a kilo and a few fat mullet are in the surge at Parson's beach as well. Several rock-based spots around the mouth of the Inman River have bream. 4. Cape Jervis/Rapid Bay/Wirrina: surprisingly, the jetties at both Cape Jervis and Rapid Bay have experienced slow fishing in recent days, with a few squid and tommies coming in during the cold nights. Up at Wirrina and Carrackalinga boat crews are reporting KG whiting, tommies, red-beak garfish and squid.

LOWER COORONG/SOUTH EAST The Little Dip Salmon Hole went nutz last week with 3 kilo salmon, mullet as thick as two planks & some massive dusky flathead turning on the fishing action! Carpenter Rocks & Beachport (Surfer's Beach) also have salmon & mullet, & there are a few fish inside Lake St Clair as well. Mulloway are at Salt Creek & The Granites, & salmon trout have been caught from the 32 Mile Crossing & Boatswain's Point. Nora Creina Bay has big winter garfish, squid & tommies, while Stinky Beach has small mullies & mullet. Boat crews caught KG whiting from Kingston, Robe, Beachport & Port McDonnell. The jetties at Kingston & Beachport have tommies, squid & mullet.

YORKE PENINSULA Port Broughton: Last week I spent some time in this neck of the woods and there is a friendly piece of advice for drivers heading in the direction of Port Davis (Jarrold Point) - following the recent lambing season there is a large number of stock on the dirt roads as they wander through the broken fence lines in search of tucker, so care is needed! KG whiting, red-beak garfish and squid have been the main reports. Wallaroo: There is a large grain ship at the jetty where anglers have been trying for squid and tommy ruffs. Wallaroo boat crews had to work hard for squid and garfish when they managed a launch into the persistent west to north-west winds. Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: Garfish, tommies and squid have been the week's main reports from the jetties, while West Light and the Steamer Channel are fishing well for KG whiting and the odd kingfish, but boats fishing inshore seemed to be enjoying slightly better results for gar, squid and tommies. Good catches of whiting came from Wardang Island off Schnapper Point when conditions eased. Point Turton: Tommies, garfish and squid came from the northern end of Hardwicke Bay and Port Rickaby, with whiting seemingly more prevalent off Point Souttar and The Pines. Shore-based anglers caught salmon trout and mullet. Edithburgh/Stansbury/Port Vincent: Squid and tommies have been in good numbers at Edithburgh, Stansbury and Port Vincent jetties and wharf respectively. Orontes Bank has medium KG whiting and snook, while larger KG whiting came from Tapley Shoals and Marion Reef. Ardrossan: Several tinnies were spotted fishing just south of James Well last week in the relative calm of the westerly winds chasing garfish squid and tommies. Shore-based fishing has mullet and small mulloway off Mac's beach and the jetty.

KANGAROO ISLAND Local boat crews have had to jockey for position as "out of towners" from Cape Jervis fished for KG whiting along the southern side of the main channel & just east of Nepean Bay. Tommies, gar & some big squid are also in Nepean Bay, at the Kingscote jetty & then north-west at Emu Bay & Cape Cassini. Tuna to 15 kilos are at the Sanders Bank, with smaller porkie pork barrels in the passage & even around off Stokes Bay. KG whiting & big snook are at Emu & Stokes Bays, with 10 kilo tuna still in Backstairs Passage. Flathead, whiting to 34cm, squid & nice tommies are off American River & Antechamber Bay.

JUNE SEAFOOD RECIPE: Campfire Hot Chips with chilli & garlic. Ingredients: 3-4 peeled Russet Burbank spuds, 1 chopped chilli, crushed garlic, sunflower oil. Preparation: heat oil in camp oven or saucepan to hot. Cut chips & pad dry then place into oil. Cook for 3-4mins & remove back on to paper towel. Make parcels of aluminium foil & place a handful of chips inside each, plus the garlic & chilli to taste. Cook for a further 3 mins on the campfire. Remove foil parcels & enjoy with a cold beer. Beaudy Mate. Digger for Bon Appetit!

UPPER SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST KG whiting have come onto the bite at Pt Pirie, Pt Augusta, Whyalla & Cowell in recent days as the windy weather has stirred up Gulf waters & brought the fish in closer to local shorelines. Gar & squid have been the other main reports from Whyalla, along with mullet from the town beach & salmon trout from the rocks at Black Point. KG whiting to 34cm are at Cockle Spit & Weeroona Bay. Crews managing a run out to the Spilsby Island group off Tumby Bay caught nice whiting, tommy ruffs, squid & big snook late last week. Tommies, gar, squid & KG whiting to 34cm are at most of Pt Lincoln Jetties.wharves & smaller bays & Coffin Bay seems alive with gar at the moment! Salmon up to 3.5 kilos are at Sheringa & Lock's Well, but watch the swells & high tide surges. Venus, Baird & Streaky Bays all have gar, whiting & squid to various degrees, with the best results from the Dashwood Channel & south of the broken ground at the entrance to Baird Bay. There are a few flounder at night inside Murat Bay, just north of the local jetty. Far West Coast fishing has mulloway & 4 kilo salmon at Claire & Fowler's Bays & Nadia Landing has nice mullet. Tight Lines!